About Our Artwork

All artwork is commissioned or created by Nick and Mars. Among these pieces are those created for the world of Aenyamany of which are inspired by the Classics, which help to realize how Nick’s world looks and operates.

I picked the piece Hedonian trireme at sunrise, by Evan Kyrou, for our banner. Of course, it’s not what we intend for a final look, but I find the idea of a ship leaving or entering a harbor as a way of beginning or ending a new story, and a good way to inaugurate this experience.

Mars’ rendering of the site’s avatar began life as a more classical take on the Minotaur of Greek mythology. Nick has been welcomed to adopt it for his portrayal of the beasts called “Horgs,” which appear in his novel, Ages of Aenya. I enjoy it as a good personal image, though it is perhaps not so well suited to a literary blog.

I hope you’ll join us for our next episode, where we will be featuring Nick Alimonos for our Author Spotlight, chat up some Aenya, and roam the hills of various winding topics before settling down because, oh my gosh, our time tends to spill over!


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